Winter Newsletter 2016

New Original Oil Paintings

Since I'd been focusing on digital paintings it's been quite a while since I painted an actual oil painting. But you knew I couldn't stay away from real paint forever, right? So here are a couple new original oil paintings, my first of 2016!

New Deer Oil Painting

This painting features a whitetail buck sporting his autumn antlers, surrounded by the golden colors of fall aspen trees.

autumn whitetail deer oil painting

"Aspen Woods Whitetail"
8"x10" oil on Multimedia Artboard

New Horse Mini Painting

I was experimenting with some really bold colors on this one!

bay horse oil painting

"Blood Bay Horse Portrait"
6"x6" oil on Multimedia Artboard

Both of these oil paintings present a looser style than I usually do. I have decided to distinguish my oil paintings from my digital paintings more by keeping the oils looser and more painterly while the digital paintings are highly detailed.

New Wesbite Section

I've added a new option to my website's menu. I realize some of you are only interested in original oil paintings and not the prints and products available. Previously, you had to work your way through all the paintings as categorized by subject to see find available originals. This made it difficult to keep track of which originals are still available and which are sold So I added a section called Currently Available to make it easy for only those paintings that are still available, and I will do my best to keep this up-to-date. You can find this section under the Oil Paintings drop-down menu at the top of the page.

New Digital Paintings

Just because I created a couple new oil paintings doesn't mean there are no new digital paintings. Here are a couple I completed since my last newsletter.

New Digital Bird Painting

A colorful collection of birds in an autumn maple tree. Bird species include bluebirds, cardinals, goldfinches, a blue jay, a nuthatch, and a black-capped chickadee.

autumn whitetail deer painting

"Maple Tree Marvel"
Digital Painting
Fine Art Prints Available

New Digital Deer Painting

Taking a break from birds here, this is my first digital deer painting! It features a whitetail buck and doe resting under a stand autumn maple trees. The trees sit on a hilltop overlooking landscape that could be New England farmland.

I love that, with digital painting, I can paint super-huge images and get in there to do the tiniest detail, and these deer got a lot of detail. Click the image below to see a higher-res image. On that page, click a section of the image to see an even higher-rese detail of the image. If you click on the buck's face you can see his fur, eyelashes, and bumpy antler texture.

autumn whitetail deer painting

"Hilltop Retreat"
Digital Painting
Fine Art Prints Available

The original version of this deer painting is square. I made it square for licensing since square allows it to be easily cropped vertically for things like garden flags, horizontally for products such as door mats, or left as a square for things like throw pillows. But square doesn't always work for wall decor like framed or canvas prints. I think most people prefer a horizontal format for a better fit over the sofa or fireplace. So I made a horizontal version as well in case you'd prefer it that way:

autumn whitetail deer painting

"Hilltop Retreat" - Horizontal version
Get it here

New Licensing Contracts

Here are some of the new licensing contracts that have been signed since my last newsletter.

Fountain Festivities have been licensed by Bits & Pieces for use on jigsaw puzzles.

Spring's Gift have been licensed by David Textiles for use on fabric and no-sew throw kits.

Cardinals Christmas Feast has been licensed by Discount Decorative Flags.

And, finally, Bluebird Garden Home has been licensed by The Cranford Group for use on garden flags.

birds and bird bath painting mare and foal horse painting cardinals and Christmas garland painting bluebirds painting

Recently Released Licensed Products

My bird painting,Spring Garden Party, on jigsaw puzzles by Bits & Pieces is now available.

Discount Code

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This discount code expires 3/31/2016.

By the way, and are both part of Fine Art America, a print-on-demand service that I have been using for several years to produce high-quality fine art prints of my work. So you can find my art on any of these sites and you can trust all of them to provide you with high-quality prints and excellent service. All three sites sell prints, greeting cards, throw pillows, duvet covers, tote bags, and shower curtains but you can only purchase phone cases, and apparel on and, though that may change in the future.

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