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Find exclusive Discount Codes and Special Limited Time Promotions on products featuring my artwork. Offers are good for a variety of products available through, include Fine Art Prints, Canvas Prints, Acrylic Prints, Metal Prints, iPhone and Galaxy Cases, Tote Bags, Throw Pillows, T-shirts, and more.

These codes and offers change periodically to give you a variety of savings, so check back frequently for new discounts and promotions.

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Limited Time Promotions

Limited Time Promotions can offer much larger savings than Discount Codes. Whereas a Discount Code might save you $10 or $20 on a print, a Limited Time Promotion could save you $100 or more! The trade-off is that Limited Time Promotions are, well, limited. Not just in time but also in product choices. With these huge discounts I can only offer a few images for sale a time, and the products are limited to Canvas Prints in specific sizes only. Normally an image is available in a wide selection of sizes and the prints are custom-made to fit those size options. Custom-made products cost more to make, naturally. For these promotions buys standard sized stretched canvases in bulk, allowing them to offer huge savings. Thus, the size selection is limited. Because of the limited choices of images and sizes for these Promotions, I will change these more often than the Discount Codes in order to give you new choices. So check back weekly to see what's new here!

This week's specials are size 16"x20" canvas prints featuring eye-catching images of black horses in snow, including a black pinto gypsy vanner, a family of black appaloosa horses, and a solid black Friesian horse. The custom-made canvas prints of similar size retail for about $183. These special offer prints are available for just $99, giving you a savings of $84 per print! Click one of the images below to go to that promotion page and purchase your new print..

Hurry! Offer expires 12/16/2018

black pinto gypsy vanner canvas print

black appaloosas canvas print

Friesian horse canvas print

Current Discount Code

Discount Codes are good for a discount off your entire order from any or all products available on The amount of savings varies depending on the total purchase price. For example, the savings can be less than $1 for a single greeting card to $30 or more off a large print. The code is good for the entire order. So if you purchased 3 large prints you could save over $90! The more you buy, the more you save. Be sure to copy and paste the code into the Discount Code below into the appropriate box when you check out!


Expires 12/31/2018

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