Winter Newsletter 2017

New Deer Paintings

I've done so many bird paintings over the last couple years I decided to take a break from birds and work on some mammals for a while. To start I've created several new artworks featuring whitetail deer. One is of a buck and doe in autumn. The next is a doe and her fawns in spring. (You can guess what happened between the doe and buck in the previous image! Haha!) The third is just of the twin fawns. And, to offer a vertical option for narrow wall spaces, there's also one of just a single cute fawn. All of these are available on prints, greeting cards, throw pillows, tote bags and more at Pixels/FineArtAmerica, as well as on other products in my Zazzle Store.

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Whitetail Buck & Doe - Pixels/FAA Prints & Products

Whitetail Buck & Doe - Zazzle Store Products

Photography Prints

Whitetail Doe & Fawns - Pixels/FAA Prints & Products

Whitetail Doe & Fawns - Zazzle Store Products

Photography Prints

Twin Fawns - Pixels/FAA Prints & Products

Twin Fawns - Zazzle Store Products

Art Prints

Cute Fawn - Pixels/FAA Prints & Products

Cute& Fawn - Zazzle Store Products

New Horse Family Paintings

I've also been working on some horses. I've created a scene of a family of horses in winter. This image is currently available in several horse coat colors so you can select from your favorite horse color. I have all the solid base coat colors up of black, white, bay, buckskin, palomino, and chestnut. I also have some (more to come!) patterns up such as appaloosa and pinto. I'm not going to show every color and pattern combination here so visit my Pixels/FAA Horse Gallery to see more.

Art Prints

Bay Horse Family - Pixels/FAA Prints & Products

Art Prints

Palomino Horse Family - Pixels/FAA Prints & Products

Palomino Horse Family - Zazzle Store Products

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Black Horse Family - Pixels/FAA Prints & Products

Black Horse - Zazzle Store Products

Photography Prints

Buckskin Appaloosa Horse Family - Pixels/FAA Prints & Products

In addition to the variations I already have available, I can create custom combinations for you. So if you don't want a group of horses all the same color, like the examples above, I can mix and match a combination of horse patterns and colors you choose. Just email me and let me know what you'd like to have and I can make a print available with your favorite colors. As an example, here's a version of a chestnut appaloosa, black foal, and palomino pinto. But almost any combination is possible. Just let me know.

Art Prints

Chestnut Appaloosa, Black, Palomino Pinto Horses - Pixels/FAA Prints & Products

And, as a final note, a couple of horse designs now available on t-shirts on Amazon. Great gifts for horse lovers!

Art Sales

Visit my Art Sales page for Limited Time Offers and Discount Codes for savings on your entire order of art prints, greeting cards, throw pillows, apparel, phone cases, and more purchased through or one of its affiliate sites.

By the way, is part of Fine Art America, a print-on-demand service that I have been using for several years to produce high-quality fine art prints of my work. So you can find my art on either of these sites and you can trust all of them to provide you with the same high-quality prints and excellent service. Both sites sell prints, greeting cards, throw pillows, duvet covers, tote bags, and shower curtains but you can only purchase phone cases, and apparel on so I recommend you visit Pixels instead of FAA to get more options. You should be able to use the same sign-in name and password for both sites so you won't have to register again for one site if you're already registered with the other.

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